Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobile Safety

Hand Signals

You are responsible for operating your snowmobile in a safe manner. Learn your hand signals and USE them!

Left Arm raised from the shoulder and extended straight up over the head with palm of hand flat.

Left Arm extended out and down from the side of the body, with a downward flapping motion of hand to signal warning or caution.

Left Turn
Left Arm extended straight out from shoulder and pointing in the direction of the turn.

Right Turn
Left Arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical with palm of hand flat.

Oncoming Sleds
Left Arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical, wrist bent, move arm from left to right over head, pointing to right side of trail.

Last Sled in Line
Last Sled in Line – The left forearm, with the palm flat, slashes repeatedly out and down at a 45-degree angle.

Sleds Following
Left Arm raised, elbow bent, with thumb pointing backward. In hitchhiking motion, move arm forward to backward over your shoulder.

Trail Signs

These are some of the trail signs you may see while snowmobiling. Please obey all trail signs!


Instructs riders to come to a complete stop before proceeding with caution.

Stop Ahead

Advises snowmobilers to begin slowing down because a stop sign is just ahead.


Instructs riders to yield the right of way to vehicles traveling on the other trail at intersections


Informs the rider that he/she is on a designated trail.


Provides additional guidance to the rider in a sharp turn.

steephill rrcossing rightturn windingtrail
Hazard Markers

Identifies a fixed object at the side of the trail. used any time the fixed object narrows the normal width of the trail such as bridge railings. The stripes slope down towards the trail.

Steep Hill

Indicates to rider to proceed with caution due to a steep hill.

Railroad Crossing

To advise snowmobile operators to proceed at a reduced speed because rider is approaching a railroad crossing.>

90 Degree Turn

To advise snowmobile operator that a 90 degree turn is ahead. Sign will indicate left or right turn.

Winding Trail

Advises rider to proceed slowly because trail has many turns.

jointuse2 dirarrow nosnowmobiles
Joint Use

To indicate that highway or road is designated for use by snowmobile operators.

Directional Arrow

Informs the rider that the trail ahead makes significant changes in direction.

No Snowmobiles

identifies areas where snowmobiling is not allowed.